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Our Beginnings

It can't be that hard to start a non-profit, right?"

~Evin Moore, founder of Burning Through Pages

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Kids Reading

“I just want to give books to kids…

One day in 2011, Evin Moore found himself one day with a college degree, a full-time job, and some free time. At 26, he wanted to give his time to a cause that had seen him through many of the challenges young kids face. Books. “Books were how I got to know myself,” to quote him directly.

After discovering there were no organizations that specifically gave books to kids that would inspire them to love reading, hold conversations with them about their books, and help them develop as people, the only move left was to start one himself.

So he emptied his retirement account, filed for a 501c-3 and the journey began.

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Meet the Team

Evin Moore

founded Burning Through Pages in 2011 and since then he’s learned a great deal about the nonprofit space, leadership, and how cruel and inspirational middle-schoolers can be.

Outside of BTP Evin also sits on the board of Kids At Their Best, a rural youth enrichment and feeding program, is a Sr. Marketing Manager for Charles Schwab, and has over a decade of financial services experience. He also sits on the advisory board of Books to Kids, and does no-cost nonprofit and small business consulting around the state.

Outside of his professional and volunteer life, Evin has a wonderful wife who hasn’t murdered him in his sleep, two young children (Penelope and Ronan), and walks daily the homeliest loving mutt you’ve ever met. When there isn’t a pandemic, you can often find him reading at various coffee shops and restaurants around Denver – his favorite pastime.


Bethany Lewis

Bethany Lewis

Bethany is BTP’s longest running volunteer. Since 2011, she’s managed event planning and fundraising, reading with groups, managing partnerships with schools and afterschool programs. Marketing, social…just all the things. Outside of BTP she is a communications professional, is passionate about language, literature, and education. Bethany now sits on the board and supports marketing and fundraising.

Amber Adams

Amber Adams is an original member of the BTP board, founded in 2011. Outside of BTP, she is a counselor and owner of Skyward Counseling where she specializes in addiction recovery, trauma treatment, and veterans issues. She is also a published poet and US Army veteran.

Terrence Dobbs

Terrence Dobbs is our Social Media guru and supports operations for our various book club programs.

Terrence is a fanatic fan of literature and is an encyclopedia of Comic Books and graphic novels. 


Matt Knezel

Matt Knezel

Matt has been working on technology for BTP since the beginning of the journey! His strong love for learning takes up most of his reading time, but he still sneaks in a little humor now and then! Outside of BTP he works in Finance Technology.

Meca Littlejohn

Meca is everyone’s hero at BTP. She is a constant stream of creative ideas and is deeply passionate about education and reading. She was the very first partner of Burning Through Pages at the Boys & Girls Club. When she became a librarian, she stepped into the role of program implementation at BTP and has been generating groups of young readers at lightning pace. She’s amazing.

John Daskam

John Daskam knew Evin Moore before BTP was a twinkle in Evin’s eye. When John became a lawyer, he joined BTP’s board of directors and is a mastermind of networking and spreading the word about BTP. Outside of the non-profit, he is a partner with Milgrom & Daskam Law Firm.

Matt Knezel

Maddie Shaner

Maddie supports a great deal of BTP’s operations and dots all of our i’s and crosses our t’s from a legal perspective. She’s a lawyer, former teacher, and Colorado native. Like all of our volunteers, she’s passionate about reading and says, “I love that reading opens up endless worlds, cultures, and stories to explore.”

Matt Knezel

Tam An Hoang

Tam An, we call her TA, is BTP’s devoted accountant, tracking down donor records, managing payment systems, and keeping track of our YOY growth and success.

Outside of her work with Burning Through Pages, she is a financial professional as well. Good chance that’s how she was introduced to Evin. She loves kids and education and that inspires her in all her work with BTP.


Alysia Fyock

Alysia Fyock

Alysia got involved with BTP after working with Bethany and learning about the opportunity to help out with their website. As a former child who spent hours finding comfort in books, she’s passionate about fostering a love of reading in kids.

Outside of BTP she works in Marketing and spends her free time eating, reading, hiking, and skiing.